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Handmade birchbark canoes

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The birchbark canoe is a traditional boat used by indigenous peoples from Siberia and North America. Boats have been built like this for thousands of years – always developing and improving. The basic techniques and materials, however, remain unchanged.

The construction method of these canoes is ingenious and unique in every respect. The boat isn’t built from the inside out like most modern boats, but from the outside in. First the exterior is made from birchbark and sewn with spruce roots, then a framework made of split wood is wedged into the bark hull

The whole construction is held together by the wedge principle, root ties and seams. Traditional natural materials are used to seal the boat. A pitch is made from pine resin, birch tar, ash and beeswax, the properties of which depend on the method of preparation and the mixing ratio of the components. The birchbark canoe is absolutely sustainable and can serve for several generations with appropriate maintenance.

From harvesting the bark to the final touch, we do everything ourselves.

Canoe type I

The ideal canoe for solo tours lasting several weeks as well as for tandem use!

Canoe type II

This canoe is ideal for smaller solo trips.


The birchbark canoe model is an exclusive reproduction of an original birchbark canoe on a scale of 1: 5.

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